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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Quality Room Service: Change What You Do Instead of How Much
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Quality Room Service: Change What You Do Instead of How Much

When you want change somewhere in life, doing more or less of things (quantitative change; that is, a change in quantities) could make some impact. But when you're ready to make a real difference, qualitative (a change in quality) change is n order.

If you're not gaining as much muscle in the gym as you'd like, you could just lift heavier weights (this has a limit: there is only so much each human body can do via addition). But maybe a complete change in how you're lifting is what you really need. If your business isn't generating enough money for you, you could maybe show up to work an hour earlier and leave an hour later every day (also finite: there are only 24 hours in a day; you will eventually run out of hours to add). But what if your business model just needs to be redone? More so, what if you're in the wrong business?

This -- quantitative change -- is hard to do, because we develop routines and habits and the resistance is real. The resistance is our base-level, animal brains that tell us not to change, because change is hard. It's uncomfortable and awkward and people will ask why we are changing and if we don't have great success to point to when the question is posed we feel as if we may have made a mistake. But qualitative change is the #1 thing that takes people from good to great. An increase in quantity will just make you marginally more of what you already are, whatever your current level is. Quantitative change can flip your entire script and put you in a whole other room. So the question is, where do you wanna be?

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