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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/Putting Brakes on Your Emotional Rollercoaster: Watch The Dip
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Putting Brakes on Your Emotional Rollercoaster: Watch The Dip

You've been on a roller coaster before. You know the part right as it gets to the very top of that slow climb? At the very peak, the ride seems to *pause* for just a split second before the drop.
We do the same thing in our minds. Especially when something we've deemed important isn't going quite right.  
[Welcome to the ride! Thank you for your patience on the long 52 minute wait…]
With nothing to take our minds off this challenge (or our unwillingness to take our minds off it), we marinate on it.
[Please keep your hands and feet inside the cart throughout the ride…]
Since we've recruited these assistants - the part of our minds that remembers every reason we have to feel bad about ourselves - they show up and get to work.
[Fast riding to warm us up. Then the slow, anticipatory climb going straight up…]
This-isn't-working thoughts bring more of the same. Oh yeah - that's not working either. And that hasn't been good for a year-and-a-half.
[The drop begins as the riders scream. Aaaarrrrhhhh!!!!]
Now you feel like sh**. After the drop, the rollercoaster only goes faster.
It's your duty to stop the ride before it starts. Catch yourself in unproductive self-talk before it recruits co-workers. Here are three ways to do so:"It's your duty to stop the negative mental ride before it starts." 
Thankfulness. Sounds simple and basic. Because it is. The energy of being thankful - for anything - changes your state immediately. There is nothing too small or too big for you to feel and express thankfulness for. Use your thoughts, words, actions - just do it.
Get productive. Anxiety, stress, fear and worry all thrive when given time. Starve them of time by doing productive stuff, leaving no time for those viruses.
Recruit better staff. You have a staff of happy memories just as numerous as the bad memories crew. Call on this group by thinking of times it did work out and you found success.

Unlike at the theme park, there is never a wait for the next ride to start in your mind.

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