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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/ Put Your Character Flaws On Full Display
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Put Your Character Flaws On Full Display

My first roommate in college lasted 2 weeks.
He complained about the TV being on while he was sleeping. I'm sensitive to noise and never blasted the TV. I had supplied the TV, since he didn't have one. Not to mention he would watch the TV when I was not in the dorm. But complain, he did.
So I blasted the TV volume on purpose one morning to spite him. We saw the dorm director for mediation. He moved out.


I can be a real jerk sometimes. Often, on purpose and fully aware of it.
That's a bad thing, I suppose, since I make programs and write books about People Skills.
But the good part is, I'm fully aware of it. Most of time when I'm being a jerk or a**hole, I know exactly what I'm doing. And I do it anyway.
It's a flaw of my character. I have others. I make no apologies for them.
Those same flaws are the reason for everything achievement and credibility piece attached to my name.
What are the flaws of your character? If you don't know, you should find out. If you do know, and you try hiding them, you're hiding from yourself. Problem is, you can't hide from yourself effectively for long.

"@DreAllDay"]You can't hide from yourself effectively for long.
Your biggest flaws are your greatest strengths.

My willingness to be a jerk translates to firmness and mental toughness, being unapologetic about offending people when necessary. It translates to caring more about the results than feelings (mine or yours). And though these habits can have their drawbacks, there are many more times when someone tell me he wishes he could be more like that.
Also, your flaws allow people to relate to you. Yeah, people will respect your good qualities and achievements. But the "me too" factor comes from others knowing Mr. Perfect is indeed not perfect.
Oh, you've felt like s*** for a week too?!?! I would never have thought it!! 
Don't hide your flaws. You don't need a billboard displaying your imperfections, but you can stop pretending they don't exist.
The flip side of that apparent flaw is the key to your success.

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