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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/Put Your Blinders On and Competition Disappears
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Put Your Blinders On and Competition Disappears

I'm marathon training.
I had a 15-mile run scheduled for today (not today). But it was raining at a very steady pace. I'm not afraid of getting wet, but instinct (smartly) told me it would be a dumb idea to run it a constant downpour. Wet clothes and sneakers slow me down anyway.
So, the treadmill it was.
You've been to the cardio area in a gym. There's that possible unspoken competition that sometime happens when someone is on the same machine, right next to yours.
(… Well, there is for me.)
But when I - or you - get in that ZONE, I don't recognize any competition. You can do the same (the competition part, the ZONE part is covered here) easily.

Here's how: I put a towel over my head that blocks my peripheral vision. I literally don't see (possible) competition.
If there is a competition happening, it's them competing with me. I'm not competing with anyone, because I don't even know they're there. Which means my only focus is on what I need to do, not what they're doing.
Funny thing is, when you ignore your “competition,” they pay that much more attention to you. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay"]When you ignore your “competition,” they pay that much more attention to you.[/shareable]
What is this guy thinking or doing that has him not even acknowledging my presence? I'm trying to compete with him but he's moving like I'm not even here?? What can I do to get his attention???

Now they're all thinking about, and watching, you.
If you've been preparing and working already, you don't need to look around at, or measure up with, anyone. Follow YOUR program. That's when we all do our best work.
What you ignore, goes away. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay"]What you ignore, goes away.[/shareable]

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