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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Push Downhill, Not Uphill
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Push Downhill, Not Uphill

Pushing downhill vs. uphill means doing things that require less effort to do so you can more easily create momentum. This does not meaning you won't need effort to reach success, just that creating momentum and getting those first victories will come easier.
Do something you're good at, so you're not struggling to merely reach mediocre.
Hire motivated people so you don't have to waste time and energy and money motivating them.
Work with highly skilled people that won't require you to teach them the basics.
Build your business around a natural skill or need so you wont have to think of what's needed.
Do things that people naturally compliment you for instead of trying to create a skill you never had.
Do work that you can get paid for multiple times, even after the war has been completed. You cannot work directly for your money forever as your time or energy or skills eventually run out.
Leverage the efforts of other people who are working for money, and empower those who want to learn about the previous point.

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