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Professional Learners: Don't Be One

I was talking to a woman the other day that has some business ideas she wants to get off the ground, and she was kind enough to share them with me. I shared with her how she could, while still doing her other life activities, start building on her idea a little bit at a time.
I thought I was getting through to her... until her fearful, reptilian brain showed up uninvited.
I have to get another certification first, and it's $400. 
I have health problems. 
You don't know my life. 
I could get stripped of my job if anyone found out I was doing anything else on the side. 
I... I'm happy with what I'm doing now. I don't need to be as big as _______ (famous person in the same field she was talking about entering). 
Yes -- get the information.
Yes -- look at what successful people who came before you have done.
Yes -- read, listen and acquire knowledge and skills.
And while -- WHILE -- you're doing all of this, take action. Learn as you go.
You don't need to know everything about everything before you start. You don't need approval (if you're waiting on that, have a Snickers and get comfortable).You don't need to memorize what theater guy did -- and even if you did, WTF does that have to do with you? You know everything _____ did? Great! Now, what have YOU done today? This week? This year?
When you started your last job, you didn't even know where the bathroom was. But you showed up, because the paycheck was attached to it. And you learned along the way. Everything else is the same.

If gathering all the information is required for you to begin, you will never begin -- there's too much information out there.
If you're waiting on approval form everyone around you, forget it.
If you need to study more and think about it more and poll the audience before you take action, get back in the flock with the other sheep.
No one has ever gotten paid for learning. You get your pay -- your ability to help others, recognition, money, fame, achievements, happiness -- for your actions, now and always.

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