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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Produce: Exposure Is For Those Who Are Doing Things
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Produce: Exposure Is For Those Who Are Doing Things

If you want "exposure", produce something. Do something that's worth being exposed.
If you want to make money, produce something that people feel is worth consuming. It doesn't even have to cost money, this first thing. The exposure of it will lead to income down the line, especially if you keep producing.
If you have great ideas but very little skill, help someone who has what you lack -- the skills -- by producing the final output with their skills combined with your ideas.
If you want to keep your job or title or position, produce. No one has ever been fired for producing too much (and if they did, it was only to receive a much better position).
There are a few things in life that almost never end with negative results (yes, I know there are exceptions -- which will happen to you 2/100 times at the most): Aggressiveness. Energy. Production. Hard work.
There is always space for a person who can produce. Period.

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