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My lady was showing me the Kim Kardashian app the other day and it was quite impressive, really well done. It looks the way I want my app to look.

I remember when Kim was first blowing up and the criticism was that she was "famous for doing nothing." Well, a lot of people do "nothing". Some of them are physically attractive, too. So why her?

I recalled a passage from one of my favorite books recently when thinking on it.
(Paraphrasing) Place a cheap shirt amongst the high quality stuff and you can 10x the price of the cheap shirt and easily sell it. Place a high quality shirt in the bargain bin, you'd be lucky to get 50% of the normal price for it.

In general, people do not buy products (a person is a product) by examining their quality, but by atmosphere. People choose by feel and appearance. The feel of the Kardashian brand name is what the fans want. And they'll pay nicely for it.

Why this is good for you: Shine up your appearance and you don't need to be the best (or even good) skill-wise. But you must maintain appearances. It's your meal ticket. Add in some substance and you have magic.

Why this could be bad for you: Absent the presentation, substance -- which lasts longer and has its own raving audience -- can work for you. Substance, however, takes more time, and is required if you don't have the presentation.

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