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People Don't Buy Your Information

Now that I've scared off 70% of the possible readers of this post, I'll talk to the rest of you. What is sales? Here it is: A transfer of emotion. You take your thoughts, feelings and emotion about something (or person or place) and get someone else to think or feel the same way.
Everything is sales. Ever been on a date? Had sex? Gotten hired for a job? Accepted into college? Sold anything? Then you're in sales. And you're either doing it well or doing it badly.
When you share information with people, it can make perfect sense logically, but people don't by information. We buy feelings. You don't buy a Lamborghini -- you buy the feeling you'll have when you pull up to the hotel in it and everyone is looking. You down buy the Kyrie Irving Nikes -- you buy the way you feel when you have them on. They don't make you run faster or jump higher or dribble better, but you think they do. And you're willing to pay for the feeling.
Which means...
You can lack all the technical information on a product or service or not be able to really explain how you can help someone as a consultant -- but if they can feel your energy they will buy anyway.

(NOTE: the technical knowledge allows us to justify our buying decisions, so don't discount it. You will need it, but it's not the determining factor).

Which means...

You don't need to wait until you have all the information to begin something! You just need to know why you want to begin, and what it means to you. Share that with people, and you'll have a ton of buyers.

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