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🕊️ Peace Is Protected By War ☠️🩸

Said by many, often when some violence is happening in other lands: “We want peace for everyone. I'm against any and all violence, and any form of violence is wrong!”

This sounds good when written by a PR intern. Or some dumb college kid who knows nothing about the real world but has sat through enough lecture halls to feel smart.

It helps you straddle the fence.

It’s bullshit.

Yes, terrorists are bad, as is “unnecessary” civilian death and attacks on women and children.

This, you have heard before.

Here’s what you haven't heard.

Terrorism and unnecessary deaths are the results of humans being humans.

The trade off of free will is exactly that… FREE WILL to be crazy, unruly, unlawful and to violate others’ rights.

It happens and you can’t stop it. Ever.

The “peace over everything” and “all violence is bad” talking points are utter nonsense. Under any circumstances.

Many smug people, particularly Americans who’ve lived a life of relative safety, push this college-campus-created drivel.

It shows just how mentally sheltered and naive people are.

If you are female and live alone, and masked men were kicking down the door to your home (or, for males, your mother’s / sister’s home) and the police were called –– would violence be OK to defend them?

So you don't have a problem with violence.

Truth: America is America because of violence (multiple instances of it).

Truth: The Native Americans took land from each other by violence and death BEFORE the European settlers arrived.

Truth: The settlers employed violence to take land from the Native Americans.

Truth: You cannot have land “stolen” from you. If you can’t / won't defend it, it’s not yours.

Truth: The Revolutionary War (4,000-25,000 deaths, depending on source) expelled England from America.

Truth: The Civil War (~618,000 dead) unified the country and ended slavery.

Truth: Hiroshima and Nagasaki (~214,000 dead) felt the brunt of an American counterpunch after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor (2,403 deaths).

These are just examples.

Politics: Maneuvers humans make to further or protect their own interests.

War: Politics by other means.

When we can’t talk, we fight.

When the loser is losing badly enough, they decide it would be better to talk.

This isn’t good nor bad.

It’s human nature.

“Peace at all costs” is loser language.

Anyone who will sacrifice anything and everything for peace will soon have nothing left to sacrifice. The wolves, hounds and foxes around you – the aggressors – will take everything you have.

Bullies seek out easy targets who won't fight back. Your willingness to fight is your #1 safety tool.

Which is the most free country in the world? The United States of America.


Because we have the biggest, baddest and most dangerous military that is most capable of deadly violence (at least for now). We have enemies, but we don't face frontal attacks. That would be a suicide mission for any other country.

Our ability to be violent – not friendliness and being cordial – keeps us safe.

Who is the safest person in any room?

The person who is most capable and willing to hurt everyone else. Because they have the least to worry about.

If you want to be peaceful, zen, and left alone, you must be willing to be violent, aggressive and disruptive.

Your reputation precedes you.

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