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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Path Of Least Resistance: Do You Want To Be Like THEM?!
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Path Of Least Resistance: Do You Want To Be Like THEM?!

Work. Effort. Discipline. Heart. Desire to Compete.

Basketball is a game that requires all of the above. Lots of people like basketball. Everyone would love to play basketball all day every day -- until they find out about that list up there, and how it's guaranteed that you won't last if you're missing one.

Most of the things you could be doing don't require all five of that list. And if you look around, most people -- who love basketball -- choose other things.

You know the type: they talk about it all day, have heated debates about their favorite teams and players, have all the shoes and shorts, and know exactly what the players on TV need to do to get better. You know some people like this, don't you? You may see yourself in some of that description.

Watching and talking about basketball is fun. Playing is fun, too -- until you realize that playing at any level significant basketball requires all five of that list.

I hear people talk about that list every single day. Telling me about their fucking passion and how bad they wanna make it and how no one around them is serious and how they just need (a chance / some exposure / to be pointed in the right direction / someone to tell them what to do / some advice when they already know what they need to do).

I don't want to hear any of that shit.

Once you subscribe to that "I just need" idea, you become just like the rest of them. You'll be in need forever because either A) No one will give you what you "need" and that will be the excuse you take to the grave, or B) You'll actually get what you "need" and it becomes a habit every time you face a challenge. Eventually you won't get help and your make-it-happen muscle will have atrophied to nothing.

I said this in a video a long time ago, describing a litmus test for anyone who wanted to know how much work they were actually doing: Look around. If you see a bunch of other people doing the same thing, the same amount and the same way, you're not doing much. By definition, you're average. The average person does what everyone else is doing -- which is, usually, the easier thing to be done.

Do you want to be like them?

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