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Outrage Exercise

Comedian Louis C.K. was, as far as I’ve read, THE guy in the comedy world for several years up to Fall 2017. He had his own comedy sketch show (there’s a scene when he went to a nightclub with some Black comics and tried to get girls that was hilarious) and his standup specials were immediate sellouts.

Then Louis got #MeToo’d.

More accurately, Louis’ past actions got him #MeToo’d; he admitted guilt to the accusations shortly after they became public. As has been the case with several prominent men accused of sexual misconduct sometime in their past by women who’ve decided to speak up, Louis disappeared from public light for awhile.

He recently returned.

Louis showed up at a club in New York and performed a set. No one knew he’d be there that night; the owner of the place wasn’t even working at the time of Louis’ appearance. Louis did his set and left. This and his other surprise (and announced) appearances all became a big news story.

I understand why, what with Louis being such a big name in the comedy game, even now with all the dirt on his name. What’s interesting to me is how some people were upset and even outraged by Louis’ appearance at the club.

The owner of the club said some people complained — they’d come to the club to laugh and have a good time; Louis’ very presence caused them distress. They demanded to know why Louis was allowed to perform at the club that night. Some people felt triggered by the sight of Louis, possibly diminishing their enjoyment of the performances.


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