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Others Have Your Skills... YOU Are The Only You

When it comes to the skills or resources you have -- even the products or services you offer -- you are probably not the only one who has them to offer.

There are other people who sell similar products and have similar skills. Yes, I know your product is different and unique in a certain way that people may not know about. But when someone else can deliver 90% or even 80% of what yours does, for most people, that's acceptable. If someone offered to be your personal assistant and guaranteed to take half of your daily tasks off your hands and do them at least 80% as well as you could, outside of costs, would you take that offer?

Don't depend on products or services to be your differentiator. The differentiator is YOU. Even if your product is pretty much the same as many others', no one can replicate you: Your personality, your knowledge, your ideas, your leadership, your energy. When you're selling, you're not selling the product and its virtues -- no one cares. People buy the idea off you and the energy they get from being associated.

If you're not selling, don't work on the product, work on yourself.

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