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“Open” State Or “Lockdown” State?

Let’s say there was a civil war over all this COVID / lockdown / vaccine stuff…
… and the country divides in half over the disagreement. 
You get a choice on where in the USA you would live: In the 25 Open States, or the 25 Lockdown States. (For my non-US readers, you get to choose too. Visa requirements are waived!) 
For the sake of the experiment, forget about weather, Red / Blue or where your friends are. Make your choice based solely on the factors listed below and that alone. 
You are free to choose. BUT, whichever you choose, you have to stay in those states until COVID is deemed “under control” by the CDC, President Biden and Dr. Fauci. 
You cannot enter the other group of states until then. The USA is officially divided. 
Here are the features of both states. 

Open States
No mask requirements anywhere 
Schools open at full capacity at all levels
No vaccines available 
Mass gatherings welcomed 
No distancing guidelines 
Sports, music and other entertainment events encouraged, and at full capacity
Travel into and out of of the USA as you wish; no tests required
Do whatever you want — this is an OPEN state! 
Lockdown States 
Masks mandatory at all times, except at home 
Virtual “Zoom school”
Vaccinations mandatory 
No mass gatherings
6ft Social distancing
No fans allowed at sports, music and other entertainment events 
10pm-6am curfew 
No international travel or visitors 
The government will tell you what’s safe to do, for the the sake of the greater good 

Remember: You must remain within your states of choice (Open or Lockdown) until COVID is deemed “under control” by President Biden. Your choice is irreversible. 
Where would you live? 
Reply and let me know. 
(Then, go grab your free copy of my book The Mirror Of Motivation so you’re locked-in — no pun intended — to do what you need to do no matter where you are. Get it here: 

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