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One Uncomfortable Thing Per Day

Build your habit of doing one uncomfortable thing per day.

Why would I purposely do things that are uncomfortable, Dre? How does that make sense?

Here's why: You've heard the cliché that to have what other people don't have, you have to do what other people won't do, right? Well, what do most people not like doing? Things that take them out of their comfort zone. Things that would disrupt their equilibrium. Uncomfortable things. This is why most people, by definition, are average.

You don't wanna be like most people, right? Ok then. This is your strategy.

Build the habit of stepping out of your comfort zone. The more you do it, expanding that zone, the wider your influence grows. More influence equals more accomplishment, more rewards, more whatever you want. More not being like everyone else. Done enough, you won't remember how you ever were like them.

Rules of note: if you're not a bit nervous/shaky on doing something, it's not uncomfortable enough. The comfort zone is also relative -- what's easy for one person may be very challenging emotionally for you. Base actions on you, not anyone else.

Start today.

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