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One Thing Time- & Productivity-Focused Entrepreneurs MUST Do...

Turn your notifications OFF.

There’s a reason why every app you install on your phone prompts you to turn on notifications. They want to keep you in the app, tapping and clicking and scrolling and sucking your time away.

That’s their business model.

Every social media app makes its money by hoarding YOUR time and selling it to advertisers.

More of your time = more money for them. And you get nothing.

So, turn your notifications OFF.

The only apps that have notifications enabled on my phone:

1) Text messages from friends and family (NOT the same as my #DailyMotivation number)

2) Phone calls (which I return at my convenience)

3) WhatsApp & Slack (staff and coaching clients)

Every other update in every other app, I get to it when I get to it.

The result: I am less distracted from work by my phone.

Which means I get more done.

Which means more results and more of what I want.

You don't need notifications.

You will not “forget” to check Instagram and TikTok.

You know how to find your email.

Someone liked your post? You don't need to know about it in 2 seconds.

Be a professional. FOCUS.

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