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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/One Thing I'd Tell My Younger Self
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One Thing I'd Tell My Younger Self

Start educating yourself. 
Yeah, I know you go to school five days a week. That's not what I'm talking about. The things you'll need in you adult life -- entrepreneurial skills, people skills, communication -- there aren't any classes for that. You have to learn that outside of school. 
See Dre, school was designed in the Reconstruction Era when we needed to fill the factories to rebuild the USA. So the school system was created to teach kids to be factory workers: Show up. Shut up. Don't talk or play around. Do what you're told. Go to lunch. Come back from lunch. Work some more. Go home. Good job! Now do it again tomorrow.
Your teachers are employees. They are products of the school system. Do you want to be a school teacher? Do you want someone telling you when to eat lunch, when to come and when to leave? Then you better learn some things that are taught outside of this system. 
Don't think about dropping out though -- you want to play basketball, right? There aren't any leagues for high school or middle school dropouts. And you're no Kobe Bryant; you need four years of college development, as a man and as an athlete. The best route is to go through high school, then college and see what happens from there. That's where the exposure is best. The requirements for that route? That you go to school and get passing marks. So follow the plan. 
BUT, while you do all of this, read some damn books. Not that b***s**t they give you at school. Go to the bookstore and buy books. Personal development -- they call that "self-help" in the stores -- business books, sports, anything you're interested in.
Why? They're written by people who have some life experience and hopefully some success  that's why they write books. If It takes an author to live 5 years of life to write a book and it takes you a month to read it, you glean 5 years of life experience in one month. Then you can do it again the next month. You can essentially get 60 years of life experience in one year. Understand? 
And you'll have knowledge that your classmates don't have. You'll see options for your life that they don't see. You'll think differently - yeah I know you do already, but what have you actually done with those thoughts? Not much. Books will help you with this, applying and organizing what you think and then taking action on it.
So get on over to the book store. Now. You'll thank me later. 
Oh, this? It's called an iPhone -- they'll be around in about 10-15 years. I read all of my books on it. You're stuck with physical books for now. Be patient.  

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