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Nothing Is “Too Long” 🥱

These days, short content is all the craze.

YouTube Shorts.
Instagram Reels.
TikTok Videos.

Swipe left, swipe right.

We need to move people through quickly, says the conventional wisdom, because everyone has short attendance spans


People's attention spans are as long or as short as they need them to be.

Have any of your clients ever sat through a three hour movie?

So, why does your content need to be 30 seconds or less?

People's attention spans expand or contract based on the value they see in whatever they are paying attention to. This is a modified version of Parkinson’s Law.

Nothing is “too long” or “too short.”

There is, however, “too boring.”

There is “uninteresting.”

There is, “irrelevant to me.”

These will cause people's attention spans to contract.

Your “long” content — video, audio, or written — is NEVER too long for the interested audience.

Your job is not to shorten your content to fit what mildly interested or uninterested people want.

Your job is to make your content as long as it needs to be, and find the people who are interested enough to give their time and attention to it.

When someone is strongly interested in a subject, they will give it as much attention as it needs.

When you first started dating your significant other, was your attention span only 30 seconds at a time? Or, were you willing to stay focused and engaged for hours because you were intensely interested?


Find the people who fit this description. They are out there, and they are looking for you.

Join Work On Your Game University to learn how to define your “avatar” – ideal client – and how to find them, grab their attention, and keep it.

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