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Nothing Is Expensive

Expensive: costing a lot of money

Someone told me he wanted to start a program. His challenge was that he felt the program was overpriced, and didn't have the money for it. So he was searching for a discount or coupon.
I told him what the real challenge was: his lack of money. If he had more money, many things he now saw as overpriced would magically become underpriced and fairly priced. An additional challenge was his scarcity mentality: he wanted things to lower their level to meet him, rather than aiming to raise his own level to meet the things that are up there. He wanted things to cost less when he should be aiming to earn more money.


The first step towards improvement in any area of life is a person's recognition and acceptance of a need for improvement. Without this, nothing happens.

Here are a few shifts in philosphy to get you started.

Nothing in life is hard. You're just not skilled/experienced/tough enough (yet) to handle it.
Nothing is expensive. You just don't have the money.
Nothing is overpriced. You just don't value it at it's current price.
No Weight is too heavy. You're not strong enough.

There is never too much on your plate. You're not hungry enough or can't/don't want to handle it all.

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