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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Not Everyone Is Like You
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Not Everyone Is Like You

"You may not agree with everything Stephen says, but at the very least, you'll understand that your differing opinion is wrong." - Stephen Colbert (Stephen is a sarcastic, humorous TV guy, in case you didn't know)
Sometimes people express thoughts to me that I couldn't fathom thinking. I see viewpoints in the comments to my videos and live streams that I could never understand the angle from which people are viewing things.
In the past in face-to-face conversations, I've made the mistake of trying to fix people's minds. Why -- HOW -- can you NOT see how much sense my point of view makes???? 
People skills come with maturity. One key people skill is to accept what others think, see and feel -- even when you vehemently disagree. Notice that I said accept. You can think someone is a complete idiot and still accept their point of view.
What I had to learn was that not everyone thinks like I think. People are motivated by different things. What's important to me doesn't matter to the next person. And that's perfectly fine.
Trying to change minds is a losing (and time-consuming battle).

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