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NOBODY Is Logical 🤨⛔️

If life was based on logic…

… The cost of the library would rival that of luxury hotels, vacations and first-class airfare.

… Books would cost $1,000+.

… The movies and music concerts would be free.

… K-12 teachers would be millionaires.

… Late-night TV hosts complain about their low incomes.

… The smartest people would be the richest.

… The American government would be completely overhauled.

… Straight-A students would run all the biggest companies.

… Popular musicians and actors would live check-to-check.

… Someone like me – I’m VERY logic-based in my thinking – would have more fans than say, the biggest YouTuber prankster, gangsta rapper or OnlyFans feet- or ass-pics girl.

The truth is, we are NOT logic-based.

None of us. Not even me.

We make decisions based on having our emotional triggers pulled, and craft logical justifications for those decisions.

Which means, to move yourself or others to action, you NEED emotional reasons.

Emotions are energy. Energy is 85% of the job in life.

No emotion, no energy.
No energy, no activity.
No activity, no achievement.

You can have all the logic, information and #FACTS in the world. And you’ll accomplish NOTHING.

The key then, is figuring out WHAT your emotional triggers are, then manipulating them on an as-needed basis to get things DONE.

Once the emotions are triggered, you THEN use logic and rational thought to channel that energy into smart, strategic action.

I’ve deconstructed this process in Bulletproof Mindset 2.0.

This ability is the key to unlocking your potential.

That’s why it’s the first thing you see when you join Work On Your Game University.

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