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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/No One Is "Just Looking": Find What They Want
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No One Is "Just Looking": Find What They Want

We all use the "just looking" response when in stores to keep the employees away from us. An area manger at Foot Locker in 2004 taught me to not ask questions that could lead to this answer; a good idea that I still employ to this day. The fact is, no one is just looking -- when we see something we want. Then we're just buying, just planning, just checking if we have our credit cards handy.

Every person is a buyer when they're talking to a salesperson. Why is this? Because a salesperson...

first, creates a conversation with the right questions
uncovers what the customer actually wants
clarifies and is able to offer what is wanted (doesn't have to be something the salesperson himself offers)
creates the need or want in the customer
Asks for and gets the sale

Does this end in a sale every time? No. But a professional follows the process every time. Everyone is just looking, for a salesperson who knows what the hell he is doing.

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