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Work On Your Game Content/Mindset/No One Gets Handed a Crown
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No One Gets Handed a Crown

Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself. - Marianne Williamson
So many people tell me about how they want to be the best, be on top, be the greatest.
Most of them are in their teens - coincidence that adulthood seems to extinguish these desires? - and they ask me how they can do it.
I appreciate the spirit behind the idea; now let's get the execution right: No one could ever make you the greatest or the best or crown you. It's not about a mapped-out strategy or some training or important books. Being the best is first decided in the mind.
Repeat: Being The Best Is Decided In The Mind.
That decision colors everything else. Which means, without this decision, nothing you do will get you the crown. With and after the decision (if you decide to make it), everything you do turns to gold.
This all begins with mindset. A Bulletproof Mindset.

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