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No Need

Rick Rubin is a legend in the music industry. He co-founded Def Jam with Russell Simmons and brought us the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Run-DMC, and Public Enemy, among others. He produced Jay-Z’s hit 99 Problems.

Rick also lives in the area of California where the Woolsey Fire wreaked havoc in mid-November.

On Broken Record, Rick’s new podcast co-hosted with Malcolm Gladwell centered on music, the conversation begins with Gladwell asking Rick about the status of his home and belongings in the wake of the fire. Rick admits that he can’t say for sure, because unreliable maps and reports are all he can go off of at this point, but he has good reason to believe that everything is gone, claimed by the fire.

Everything. Gone.

Gladwell asks Rubin how he processes such a (very real) possibility, as Gladwell admits that he would be hysterical over such a loss.

Rubin says that he doesn’t need to think about it much, since if it is all gone, the thoughts given to it won’t change anything.

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