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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/No Matter What: Focus On Yourself and Your Own Actions
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No Matter What: Focus On Yourself and Your Own Actions

When you start doing things and they are publicly noted there will always be a voice -- real or imagined -- telling you what you didn't do. Or asking you why you won't do something. Or challenging you to do something that you haven't yet. Or that the voice thinks you forgot something.

Sometimes it's true, sometimes not. People will say things that aren't even true when they're not informed. People project their limitations and failures onto you -- then call you defensive when you defend yourself, or cocky when you put them in their place. The point is the voice will never go away. Fighting against it is an exercise in futility that will drive you crazy if you let the voice occupy the front of your mind.

All you can do is focus -- focus on the work, find something to keep your mind clear or fill the space so that the voice can't creep in. All it does is distract. And being distracted is not how you became noted in the first place.

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