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Work On Your Game Content/Daily Game/ “Never Again”: The Power And Responsibility Of Commitment [Daily Game]
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“Never Again”: The Power And Responsibility Of Commitment [Daily Game]

A couple friends of mine (we live in different places) met up over the summer in Philadelphia. Friend A jokingly commented about Friend B’s apparent weight gain and the stomach expansion that had come with it.

I spoke to Friend B a few months later, and he brought up that meeting and the “gut” joke.

He admitted that yes, he had gained weight, due to his travel schedule and general lack of attention to his body. And, upon returning home and seeing himself in the mirror, he told himself something.

“Never again.”

He decided he’d never again see a person in the mirror whose body did not reflect the type of person he saw himself as in the mirror. He’s lost twenty pounds since telling me that, via steady and consistent progress — no yo-yo gain-and-loss weight volatility.

I know others who have the same challenge — more weight on them than they want — who haven’t done anything about it yet. There’s only one reason why.

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Making a commitment brings with it responsibility. Now you’re responsible for doing what you said you’d do — and, if you have any real friends, you know you'll be called out if you don’t. This is why people rarely commit to anything, and rarely do anything significant for themselves or for others.
Commitment and responsibility are work — work that is, usually, above and beyond your base-level responsibilities. Most people never go above the bare minimum of what’s asked of them, and those who do would prefer it be a surprise, something extra — not an expectation.
Important things rarely get done without a serious commitment. Minus commitment, what’s going to make you show up when the job gets hard?

What do you know you need to make a commitment to that you haven’t yet started? What’s holding you back? Reply and let me know. 


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