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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/My Story Is Like Yours?
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My Story Is Like Yours?

Often an aspiring basketball player comes to me with a what-should-I-do? challenge. Often they begin with some background.

Didn’t play much in high school…
little college experience…
No help / no one believes in me…

I see the following phrase often: My story / background is similar to yours.

It’s not just once in a blue moon that I hear this. Around 60% of the emails I get from basketball players say this — my story is like yours — in some form.

It’s interesting to me, because when I reach out to someone whom I don’t know for help or information, I never say that. I reason that, if my story was similar to Person X’s, and Person X is public-facing enough that I know who Person X is and how to contact Person X, shit, I wouldn’t need to ask anything! Their blogs and videos and interviews and books and whatever else they do that makes them known would have all the answers, steps, ideas etc.

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