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My Secret Leverage Hack that Everyone Needs to Move Yourself to Action...

Inertia: a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.
Most people live life in a state of inertia. 
After puberty — the period where humans grow almost by default — many people never grow in any other way for the next 40-80 years. They live the same day and years over and over again, the only thing changing being the calendar.
Why this happens: movement and action require energy. Energy is an investment. It’s easier to not make that investment than it is to make it. 
So most people, most of the time, when left to their own devices, don’t make it. 
I heard Tony Robbins say that a key way anyone can move themselves to action is to get leverage on yourself. 
The idea is, to position yourself (or to be in a position) where it’s easier to do something than it is to do nothing. 
Example: If your hand is on a hot stove, you have leverage on yourself: you benefit more from doing something (spending energy to move your hand off the stove) than by doing nothing (leaving your hand on the stove and conserving your energy). 
Which is why you probably don’t know too many people who lost their hands by leaving them on hot stoves. 


I always figured that I’d go into some form of business after basketball. But, several years into my playing career, I hadn’t yet laid any of that groundwork. I was too busy hooping. 
But then, I found myself unsigned. And when you’re unsigned, you’re also un-paid. 
Regardless of how you feel about money, you’d agree that you need money to live. At that point in my life, I needed money. My back was against the proverbial wall.
Forced into action, I created a couple of products and sold them to the people who were watching my YouTube videos. I didn’t think of it that way at the time, but I’d just become an entrepreneur. 
Not because I was a clairvoyant genius. It was because the situation I found myself in provided the leverage that forced me into urgency. 
When faced with urgency, humans do incredible things. 


Right now, you may feel like your back is to the wall (or, that the wall is slowly closing in on you from behind). 
You don’t like the way your future looks right now. 
You know that if you do nothing, things will probably get worse.
This could be something to cry and complain about. Something to feel sorry for yourself over. 
Or… it could be the very thing you need to move yourself to action. 
This could be your leverage. 
This could be the very thing that moves you to finally do what you’ve been talking and thinking about doing for so long, but haven’t actually done. 
It could be the very kick in the ass that you need to bring out your best self. 
How will you know? 
Well, it depends on what happens with the rest of your story. 
You’re the author. 
How would you like to write that story of yours BEFORE it happens — and then go live it out like a Hollywood performer? 
Get The Mental Workbook so you can script your life out now — which means you’ll have created your success the way all high achievers create success: in advance. 

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