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My Reality Show Sucks 🙈☹️

I recorded an appearance on a sports show today. The host asked me about my favorite places to play. I cheated and gave him 3 answers; one was my time in Mexico.

Mexico is a third world country. One US dollar is worth 17 Mexican pesos. I got 3 different infections there — foot, eyes and stomach.

What made Mexico fun was the unpredictability of the experience.

Dealing with the corrupt police.
Parties and nightclubs.

Even the basketball itself was variable.

Living in Mexico, at least at the time, was like a real-life reality show.

The reality show of my current life would get canceled quickly.

For a reality show to work, TV networks need train wrecks. 7-car pile ups. Roller coasters. People whose lives are so fucked up and out of control as to be entertaining.

I’m too boring.

My reality show wouldn't make it to 3 episodes.

The producers would follow me for a week. By Wednesday, they’d be calling back to the office: “Dre’s Reality Show is a no-go.”

The same stuff, the same way, every day. Same places and times. “Easy to assassinate,” as a podcast host recently joked with me.

Being consistent and dependable IS boring.




It’s also reliable, teachable and duplicatable.

You know exactly what’s going to happen, how, where and when.

Sustained success follows this process.

If you don’t have at least some of the important aspects of your business looking like this, you have a bucket with holes in it. Money is flowing out of those holes, going in the pockets of someone who’s not YOU.

Plug your leaks by working with us in Work On Your Game University. Use our 4-part process of Mindset, Strategy, Systems & Accountability to have a solid mentality, consistent game plan, dependable systems, and to keep the results coming steadily.

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