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My Failed Times Square Billboard 🌆🌉

I am big on goal setting.

At some point around age 18, I read that writing down your goals increased the likelihood that you would reach them. I incorporated and have had the habit ever since.

I started with writing goals for each year; these days I write down goals for every year, every month, tasks for the week, and even multiple years at a time – like five years, 10 years, etc.

So, the billboard.

If you've ever been to Times Square in New York City, you’ve seen all the lights, the big signs, and the overall scene that Times Square itself is.

Sometime circa 2014-15, I was in NYC and saw a big Times Square billboard for an author who had a book coming out. I write books. So, I added to one of my long-term lists that I wanted to have a billboard in Times Square.

In 2016, I started getting Snapchat messages and Instagram DM’s from followers, telling me that they saw my face on a poster in the subway stations of New York.

Apparently, a micro-investing company (a company that allows anyone to buy “fractional shares” of public businesses, such as buying $1 worth of Apple stock) was using a licensed photo of me for advertising their app.

People were sending me pictures of what they were seeing, all from various train stations around New York.


The Bronx.


They weren’t lying. I had done it! I was on a billboard in Times Square!

There was one issue.

The billboards that I was on were the ads that you see when you hop off of the subway. These billboards are roughly 5’ x 4’, about the size of the whiteboard that I record my social media videos on.

Technically, there’s nothing “wrong” about this. Except that, when I wrote down that I wanted a billboard in Times Square, I was thinking the 100 foot version, the kind that someone stares up and gawks at because of its grandiosity, in the middle of 7th Ave. – not a 5-foot-wide billboard (and yes - they are billboards) I’d been on.

This was my mistake.

Not the act of actually being on a billboard; that was still a cool thing (and the company was kind enough to send me one of the poster images, which I still have). It was that I wasn't SPECIFIC enough as to what EXACTLY I wanted regarding my goal.

I was too vague.

So I got what I wanted, just not what I’d WANTED.

The point here is not about a billboard in New York.

It’s about specificity when it comes to goals and outcomes.

When your goals are vague, unclear and not fully thought-out, you might actually reach them and not even notice – because the articulation of your words does not match the vision in your mind.

You wanted to “make more more money” – then you found $5 on the street. Problem solved!

Oh – you meant $15,000 / month?

That’s not what you said. Tough luck.

If you aren't clear in your request, the world can't be clear in fulfilling it.

When you have me as your coach, you will have super-sharp clarity with regards to your goals.

Ask anyone who’s worked with me.

The first thing we do is get a clear picture of what you want, down to the detail. This clarity makes it MUCH easier to move yourself to action, as you now know exactly where you're going.

This clarity is more valuable than any amount of motivation I can give you.

Motivation is an external message from someone else.
Clarity is an internal vision of what you want. It’s stronger and lasts longer.

If clarity will help you take yourself and your business where it needs to be – so you can stop finding yourself stuck, lost and unmotivated – schedule a time to connect here:

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