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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/My Anti-Brand: Who I Am NOT For
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My Anti-Brand: Who I Am NOT For

It would be great if my audience was everybody. But you know the cliches about that ideal. And I am not a fan of cliches, so you can look them up later if you wish.

My audience is a specific group of people; specific not necessarily meaning "small" (also depends on what you consider to be "small"). And I'll talk about them in a later post (maybe). If any of the following apply to you, you are absolutely not my audience:

Blame anything other than yourself for your outcomes in every area of life
Will do nothing until/unless someone "helps" you
Don't own your excuses when they're pointed out to you
Don't do something every single day that moves you closer to you life's objectives
Spend more mental energy concerned with what you cannot control over what you can
Have no desire to improve and are OK with everything staying as it is
Have a problem with direct, gloves-off communication

There's more but I'll stop there for now. I'll see some of you tomorrow, and some I won't. Either way, I'm glad we all have an understanding.

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