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Work On Your Game Content/Blog/My 90-Day Rule For Preparation
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My 90-Day Rule For Preparation

Any time I was headed for a basketball season, tournament or tryout, I required that the 90 days prior to the event be blocked off for dedicated preparation.

Knowing that I already had game and was in good shape, the discipline went up for that final 90 days. No vacations, off days, or anything that would take me out of my training routine. I went to my first pro basketball exposure camp a year after graduating from college, because I couldn’t put a solid 90 days in before that same camp took place right after graduation. I didn’t think it wise to invest money into a camp when I knew my game wasn’t as sharp as it should have been.

Any time I violated my 90-day rules, it was to my personal detriment. Once, I was injured and couldn’t train properly. Another time I was doing too much other business stuff, traveling instead of training, and my game showed that I’d been doing something other than getting ready.

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