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My 5-Point Response To A YouTube Commentator

I have said before, and will say again here, that I DO NOT recommend that you read nor reply to online comments, especially on YouTube: the comments sections are often the cesspools of humanity. 
I'm a different breed of person, however. I get ideas from the comments; something said or replied to in the comments may lead to productive discussion or action. 
Case in point: the very message you're reading. 
I posted a video on Instagram TV a few days ago on the subject of Overseas Basketball (if you're not a basketball player -- KEEP READING, it'll be worth it) that I subsequently cross-posted to YouTube. On YouTube, a player left the following comment. 
In college the coaches definitely hated on me, had a small highlight video I recorded in the practice gym against the team’s players (even crossed one dude over)and never got a tryout after 3 years of asking.. Had an NBA coach back me up to help me get a tryout... & NOTHING. 

I’m a 6’4 Guard with amazing shooting touch, solid defense, and great passing ability. I’ve trained with many professional basketball players and trainers as a high schooler. I know Overseas basketball is a lot about being physically fit and running the court, getting open, making smart decisions, I have the skills to make it, though I am already a College graduate with a Bachelors degree.

Never had a shot to play, still haven’t. I know to get that amount of Talent it takes extra amount of work. I went to Germany on a trip and watched the Ulm Basketball team run laps around a 3 mile lake. LAPS. When i left i had a new perspective. 

I know Basketball is MENTAL. Always has been, it’s what makes greatness. I know I have the mental ability and skill level, just never had the shot or chance to play. Do I continue pursuing? Yes, I do. Will I ever stop? Who knows... I’m not a Pro, yet.. but I know what it takes and I know I have the drive and mentality. Please, if you have any advice let me know. Id really appreciate it. God bless

My response: 


A lot to address here. 

1. “Hate” happens when someone has a certain level of accomplishment that makes other jealous. “Hate,” as we use the word currently, is basically jealousy. You were not even on the team — what did you accomplish in college to be hated on? From your story, very little. So while it may be true that you didn’t get a chance to make the team, no one was hating on you — you had done nothing to be hated on about. 

2. Lose the self-assessment of how good you are. Would YOU believe some player in the comments saying how good of a player he is?? If you’re as good as you say, you should be publishing your skills (in the form of videos) instead of commenting about them. 

3. Also — this point about “I’ve played with/trained with players at such-and-such level — so that means I deserve/am capable of playing there too” — FALSE. I thought I said this very plainly in the video; you were not listening, maybe thinking about or already writing this comment. Playing pickup or working out against a pro doesn’t make you one. 

4. You’ve never played ball overseas — so you don’t know what it’s about. You only KNOW what you’ve DONE. You don’t know something from watching it or reading about it or being friends with someone who has. Only via personal experience. You don’t even know what college ball is about; as you said you never played. 

5. My general advice, based on your comment alone: lose the sob story about “hate” — actually, stop using that word completely. Understand that you, with no college or pro experience, know NOTHING until you’ve done it and lived it — not watched it. See my video on PROOF where I made this clear. Stop talking about how good you are and SHOW how good you are — with no commentary. It should be obvious. All the above will separate you from the thousands of players who have come to me sounding just like you whose talk-to-proof ratio is 100::0. Keep going and trying for it if that’s what you want — I provide plenty of info on the “how” aspect. Get my The Overseas Basketball Blueprint book free here: 


I despise listening to complaints. Even more so, it irks me when people combine complaining with unfounded blaming -- basically, not owning their shit. That's why I wrote The Mirror Of Motivation -- and am giving it away free right now. You can watch the video in question for yourself on YouTube below.
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