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My $250,000 "Entreprenuer Math" Secret

If you want to earn $250,000 per year, here are some options…

A) Selling a $15 book, you’d need to sell 16,667 books. After Auntie, Grandma and your friends buy out of a sense of support / guilt, you still have a lot of sales to make. (That’s not mentioning the printing & shipping costs of the books, or Amazon’s 40% cut – so it’s not really $250K.)

B) Selling a $97 course, you’d need 2,577 registrations.

C) Selling your course for $297 instead, that’s 842 sign-ups.

D) Selling a $25,000 coaching program or mastermind, you need 10 people.
Yes - just 10 sales. Use your calculator and verify the math.

QUESTION: Which is easiest to do? Which would you WANT to do?

(Hint: It’s the one that requires the fewest people.)

Most people’s objection to this math and reasoning is that —

1. It’s “easier” to sell $15 books, because $15 is easier for you / your customer to wrap their mind around. YOU would / could more readily spend $15 than spend $25,000.

2. You could never see yourself selling OR investing in a $25,000 anything. So while this little game of yours sounds good, Dre, it’s not realistic.

Allow me to wake you up to something. Actually, to a few things.

One: The easiest thing to sell is the stuff that has the least competition. There are literally 50,000,000 books for sale right now on Amazon. People sell courses for $12 on random bargain-basement platforms. Jumping into that game is a crowded pool, a bloody red ocean (not enough food for all the fish, so they start eating each other – in the sales space, that means lowering prices).

Two: Your best clients are those who invest the MOST money.

They are the best implementers of what you share (when people pay, they pay attention).

They bring the fewest headaches. My first-ever product was $4.99 training programs for basketball players. I dealt with MANY more complaints, refund requests and general shenanigans with those than I do with Work On Your Game University today.

Three: It’s LESS work for you.

To earn $250,000, would you rather have to serve 16,667 people (who may or may not even remember what they bought from you, and most likely won’t even read the damn book), or 10 people who are all-in and will listen to and do everything you say?

It’s the same amount of money.

If the “10” option sounds good, but you're not currently doing it, we need to look at your business model.

Who are you serving…
How are you serving them…
Who are you attracting and why…
If you have too many of the wrong customers / clients, what are you (not) doing that’s causing this to happen…

If that “10” sounds good, and those questions sound like the kind you need to dive into, schedule a call with me.

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