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My #1 "Walking Away" Secret...

There’s a group coaching program I was in that announced one day out of the blue that they were killing off the program. All of us members would soon be coaching program free agents.

Some of my fellow members were pissed off; they felt they didn't get what they’d signed up for. While they were technically correct, I respected the move of closing the program -- because at the same time, I was killed off a program of my own and had to break the same news to my own members.

This is the game.

In sports, in business and in life -- the more active you are, the more things you'll try. And the more stuff you try, the more things that won't work.

I was self-taught in basketball. In my alone-on-the-blacktop days, I tried lots of things that didn't really help my game. Every miss though, got me closer to something that did help. 10,000 hours later, I had it figured out -- then I started helping other players.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve created a lot of offers -- products, programs, services -- that fell flat. I got rid of them and moved onto the next offer.

In life, one of the worst mistakes we can make is to stay in any relationship -- dating/marriage; job/business -- that clearly isn't the place for us. You will never get that time back.

If you’re not killing off stuff that isn’t working, you’re either --

A) A genius who gets everything right

B) Passively allowing non-working ideas to stick around long after they’re proven to be ineffectual

C) Not playing the game actively enough to even have bad ideas and non-working executions

By the way -- there’s a difference between killing off non-working ideas and being a quitter. I explain that difference in #1662: When To Walk Away In Strength.

Listen here:

Listen To The Episode Here

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