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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Mr. Big Stuff: Who DO You Think You Are?
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Mr. Big Stuff: Who DO You Think You Are?

There's actually a song that this post's title borrows from, but that's not (exactly) where I know it from. There was a candy bar commercial -- I just Googled it and it turns out it was actually an ad for Oreos -- that used the song in the background. Anyway, the point of the post awaits; here it is...

First, a story:
When I was about 16-17 years old and started dunking basketballs on ten-foot hoops fairly easily, I began to expire just how athletic I could be. I would borrow from Tracy McGrady: toss the ball off the glass, catch it in the air and dunk it. One day at the park I was playing in a pickup game and there were some younger kids watching the game from the sidelines. I made a nice (non-T-Mac) dunk that drew admiring stares from the kids. I then tried my adopted signature dunk a few plays later and missed it.
One of the kids who had just been admiring me blurted out, "who do you think YOU is?!" (That's a direct quote; 'hood slang).
When was the last time you did something that could possibly have had people asking (internally or aloud), "Who the fuck do you think YOU are???" When was the last time you stepped over the (imaginary) boundaries set for someone of your (imaginary) level? When did you last do something that made you nervous to share it with the public, simply because you felt people would feel you were a little bit too confident in yourself in doing it (whatever ‘IT’ is)?

Understand that most people -- the majority of people you and I know -- think the way of these imaginary questioners. Most people feel they have a station in life, they belong in that station, and that station is where they will stay. They will react with hostility to the mere thought of stepping outside of those boundaries. And if they see anyone else (you) doing it- look out.

These (most) people will try to scare you into staying where (they think) you belong. They spend their entire lives watching, reading, and talking about what other people are doing. It's as if there is some chasm that they themselves could never cross to become the person who gets talked about, as opposed to staying as someone who will always have to talk about others.

Understand that if you wish to stand out in this world, you will have to think, talk and act differently than most people. Who and what you listen to becomes your thoughts... Which will becomes your words... Which leads to your actions. And your actions determine your life. Listening to most people will make you like most people.

The Mr. Big Stuff title is perfect for most people: they see someone who holds themselves to a standard that the average person believes they could never reach. "Mr. Big Stuff" is a derogatory term coming from the mouth of the average person. They see someone that is different from them, and that bothers them.
Isn't being different the point?

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