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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/Mom Called Me A "Garbage Disposal" 🗑️💸
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Mom Called Me A "Garbage Disposal" 🗑️💸

I remember as a kid when my mom would make Thanksgiving dinner.

Even if we went to someone else's house that day, she always made a big feast. Not for tradition, but for practicality. In my home now, we don't keep leftovers for more than three days. Back then, our Thanksgiving leftovers were to last us until Christmas. Literally, Christmas.

Another big meal was made on Christmas, and that one lasted through the first week of January.

When grocery shopping, mom would bring an envelope and an ink pen. Every item that went in the cart, she added the price and calculated the estimated tax. There was a fixed amount of money, and groceries couldn't cost more than a certain amount.

(My dad grocery shopped too, but he never did this math. Maybe he did it in his head.)

When groceries were brought home and put away, mom would get annoyed with me if I started eating the food as soon as it was unpacked. It needed to “last,” I supposed was her way of thinking.

If I ate too much, she’d refer to me as a “garbage disposal” (25% jokingly).

While this doesn't make logical sense, I understand how this mindset can grow in anyone who has costs + an inelastic income.


I like Chipotle.

I order there maybe twice per month, and get the same order every time. Burrito bowl chicken + steak (double – not half & half) tomato salsa, cheese and light lettuce.

The prices keep (slowly) rising.

Yesterday it was $15.82.

I looked back at my orders from 2022. The price of that same bowl has gone up 4 times in less than 2 years.

In 2021, this exact order was $11.20.

I picked up food from the Whole Foods Hot Bar (the ready-made prepared foods that you put into containers yourself) last weekend. I’ll admit: I don't look at prices when grocery shopping. Yesterday I paid attention.

I could have sworn the hot bar food used to be $7.99.

Now it’s $11.99 per pound. That’s a 50% price increase!

I could give you more examples. I’m sure you have many of your own.

What this all means: The cost of living LIFE is increasing. ALWAYS.

You can't stop it. I can't stop it.

And when it comes to food / clothing / shelter, we have to pay.

So, here’s what we can control: The resources you have for dealing with this.

You want elasticity in your income.

What this means, in simple terms: The ability to go get money, any time you want or need to.

If you need an extra $5,000 this money, the ability and the tools to get it.

If you WANT an extra $10,000 per month, have a gameplan and the system to do it.

This is financial elasticity: The ability to go get the money you want, when and if you want or need it. Or for no reason at all. That’s your right.

So if you want Chipotle, get it.
If you want to get robbed by Whole Foods at the hot bar, get all your food there.

Here’s what you don't want: All of life to be a financial decision.

Something else you don't want: To live with a scarcity mindset because you feel as if you have to.

Join me in Work On Your Game University so you can start living your life based on WANT and abundance, rather than NEED and scarcity.

It’s a different world.

Start here:

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