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Work On Your Game Content/business and money/Men: Online Ass 🍑 Is Your New Slavery 👙👀
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Men: Online Ass 🍑 Is Your New Slavery 👙👀

I opened Instagram to the “Explore” tab 🔍.

I’ve found that if I don't touch the Explore Page for a few days, IG pulls up a whole new set of content to see if it can identify what intrigues me.

It appears that Instagram now allows full female nudity and as-close-as-you-can-get nudity in user content.

And many women are using IG as a gateway to their OnlyFans accounts, and doing OnlyFans as a full-time career.

I’m not complaining about this. I'm sharing the above to frame my message, a warning to heterosexual men.

Sex is the new slavery.

Back-in-the-day slavery was in the physical form.

Physical attacks.
Geographical barriers to entry.

That’s over in the developed world.

The new slavery is mental.

The first target is the female-attracted man.

It would be dumb, in today’s world, to try and subjugate man by physical force. Men are physically strong, strong willed and (at least in the USA) and have access to firearms.

Bad idea.

So, the opposition (I’m not exactly sure yet who this is) goes the other route.

Seduce him with what he wants in your right hand – while taking what he has with the left hand.

I talk to many men who admit to me how much of their time gets wasted scrolling through Instagram looking at sanctioned soft porn. And many men who don't admit it to me, but do it nonetheless.

That scrolling costs attention. It breaks focus. And it’s paid for with time, your most valuable resource.

It’s mental enslavement.

If they can enslave you by distracting you with ass and tits – using man’s natural biological desires against him – they can control you in every other way.

Social media is just the start.

The fix for this, as is the fix with myriad other ailments, is personal discipline.

The question, as is the question every time the answer is “discipline,” is HOW.

I’m not telling you to stop liking women. I’m telling you to flip the script.

Male Accomplishment is an aphrodisiac for a female.

Don't go looking at them on Instagram.

Get disciplined, go out and create success, and the females will come to Instagram exploring for YOU.

You are in a much stronger position when doing the choosing, anyway, than when you are hoping to get chosen.

This is the position you want to be in.

The powerful man doesn't hope to get chosen. He does the choosing. This concept is not limited to the bedroom or the sexual marketplace.

Don't be a slave, chasing digital ass. In bondage to your hedonism.

AI ass is coming soon anyway, and many of these women will be out of work. Then, they’ll need you.

Who will they go looking for?

The freemen who have the achievements, and who look like they have more on the way.

Be that guy.

Speaking of freedom – for both genders – join Work On Your Game University so you can fully equip yourself mentally, strategically and systematically now – while you still have a choice.

Go here:

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