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Make Every Day An Event

A few weeks ago, I went to bed early and didn't see the Cleveland Cavaliers - Washington Wizards game on TV that night. But judging from the highlights, it was a good one. The fact that the Washington home crowd was so into it made the game even more exciting.

I always loved those games as a player, whether they happened in an official sanctioned game, a summer recreational league, or a playground court with the sidelines crowded by spectators. The home team is good enough to expect to win (that day, at least). The visiting team is good enough that the crowd is excited to see them play. You can hear and feel the audience's energy with every crossover, turnover, and basket.

You might think these events can only happen once in awhile. The teams, timing, and excitement have to all be right, not to mention no other occurrences overshadowing the moment, right?

But the show can happen everywhere you go. Making every situation an event requires 3 things from you.

Expect to put on a show every time you perform. Every phone call, sales presentation and practice, in your mind, is an event. You get mentally keyed-up for an event. You circle events on your calendar. You want the room to be filled when it's your time to go on. All the fans show up for the events.
Work On Your Game so you show yourself properly. You don't want the audience to see an unprepared performer. With social media, everyone is a news station, and negative reviews spread quickly. Be over-ready when it's your time.
Be excited about what's coming. When you're walking in mentally prepared to put on a show, others can feel that energy just by being in the same room as you. You don't have to say anything. Energy begets energy, regardless of whether its positive or negative. When you're stressed, you make other people nervous. Get happy, and you lift spirits. Energy is contagious. If you want people excited about your show, lead the way!

As a former athlete, one thing I knew I could never replicate was the energy of game day. There are “game days” in every profession. Some people spend their whole lives chasing the high of game day, just to feel it one more time.

My advice: Get the most out of each game day now, so you won't feel like you left any on the table. [bctt tweet="My advice: Get the most out of each game day now, so you won't feel like you left any on the table." username="DreAllDay"]

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