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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Make Decisions For Who You Will Be -- Not Who You Are
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Make Decisions For Who You Will Be -- Not Who You Are

I've recorded thousands of workout videos in the gym. One evening in the summer of 2010 I was dead tired, didn't know where my next playing job would be, and with the work I'd put in up to that day, I really felt I had earned the right to take a morning off.
Then I saw Kobe Bryant.
I was in the gym of a condominium training one of my clients at the time, and ESPN was showing NBA Finals coverage on the TV. The Finals started that night, and the story was Kobe's pre-Finals media conference from the day before. Kobe stalked up to the podium with his game face already on, as if the game was starting in 15 minutes.
In that moment I decided I couldn't take the day off. Despite literally being and unemployed basketball player, with no prospects in the moment, I had to show up.
But Why? No one would've known if I had skipped a day, and even if they did, no one could call me on it -- even with that skipped day I was still putting in more work than anyone I knew.
So why show up? Because seeing Kobe reminded me of who I wanted to be, not who I was.


If you're working on a goal right now, make every decision about that goal as the person who has already reached it.
How would you treat money if you were already rich? How would you show up to work if you were already to supervisor? Would you come to your workout if you were already in the NBA or NFL?
Guaranteed your decision would be different from the one you'd make as the right-now You.

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