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Lose The Apologies

Shit, I am who I am, fresh up out of apologies. - T.I. 

Your true fans -- the audience that will buy your shit, watch your videos, read your books, and support your causes -- will never be offended by you or what you represent (as long as you're consistent).

Those who don't like your profanity, suggest you change your clothing/presentation to be more ______, or email you to complain, are not your true audience. They will not be around long, won't buy your next product, and thusly don't deserve an apology, adjustment, and acknowledgement (unless its to offend them more).

The people who are offended are not your true fans. Does this mean you ignore them? No, fair-weather fans buy books too. Just know that they may not be around next year, and if some other shiny object comes around, you will lose them. Your true fane aren't going anywhere, and if they do, like birds flying south for the winter, they'll always come back.

Work On Your Game Inc Logo (3).png

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