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Work On Your Game Content/confidence/License to Carry (Yourself)
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License to Carry (Yourself)

The saying goes, dress how you wish to be addressed.

For many reasons, I don't completely agree with that. What it should say is, carry yourself how you wish to be addressed. 

The energy you carry yourself with is the only impression people have to go by. It's real, and it's based on who you are and what you're feeling.

Any clown can buy a suit, and no one wears "business clothes" in Silicon Valley. The clothes do not make you. Your energy and demeanor does. 

[shareable]Any clown can buy a suit, and no one wears "business clothes" in Silicon Valley. [/shareable]

Walk into a room with slumped shoulders, gazing downward and mumbling, and it will be hard for me to see you as "confident."

Come in with your chin up, chest out, making solid eye contact and speaking clearly. The unconscious signals you give DD tell me you're sure of yourself. That's what I see you as unless something later proves me wrong.

You can start controlling perceptions people have of you with your presentation anytime you wish. What they see you as is not faking unless you stop and "go back" to how you were.

You have your own license to draw impressions on anyone's mind you wish. So why would you ever want to go back?

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