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Let Your Brain Work

When you're faced with a complicated issue to solve, there are two terrible ways to handle it.

1. Do nothing and hope it goes away - "hiding under the covers," so to speak
2. Make a rash choice that you soon realize wasn't the best move

What you can do that's way better than either of these is to let your mind marinate on the idea. Your subconscious mind, where most of our thoughts really happen, works quietly in the background at all times, even during sleep. It only bothers you when it has a real answer for you to address something in your life. Ever had a "hunch"? Or an answer to something where you couldn't explain where the answer came from? That's your subconscious.

Give your complicated issue to the workers down there in the subconscious and let them work on it a bit -- letting them know how much time they have. Remember what a servant your brain is -- it always delivers on instructions.

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