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Let Some Things Go

So you're driving your car, and realize it's not moving as fast as you've come to expect.

Makes sense, once you realize that you left the emergency brake on.

So what do you do? A) Press harder on the gas pedal and push through the resistance of the brake, or B) release the brake so you can move faster?

Of course, you'd release the brake. But look at what many people do in life.

Things aren't working the right way, and what do people do? Press on the gas, always looking for more. More information. More tools, tricks, tips and advice. Grinding down on their brake pads until the damn things don't work anymore.

When things aren't working, it's usually letting go of some things that will get you moving again. Less rules to follow. Fewer have-tos. Eliminating some activities, thoughts, and beliefs that are the brakes holding you back.

Anyone reading this that’s ever lost a significant amount of body weight knows the feeling of shedding that excess baggage: you move a lot more freely, quicker, with more fluidity. Your mind even seems to have been uncluttered. Losing weight mostly isn't about eating healthier foods; it's about eliminating the junk! That alone is 60% of the job.

Stop looking for more to do, more knowledge to memorize, more rules to follow. Drop the weight and your speed increases without any extra force.

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