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Learn How To Sell, Because You're Already Doing It

An ability to sell will get you wherever and whatever you want in your life. You'll be able to move people to action, whether that is following you, buying from you, agreeing with you, or even leaving you the hell alone.

Why aren’t sales taught in schools? Because most teachers and professors couldn't sell their way out of a paper bag.

The reason you listen to your teachers at school and your bosses at work is because they have a position that requires you to obey. They don't have to sell you to get your agreement (meaning: doing what you're told, when you're told) -- it's built it to the positions each of you occupy.

Sales is best measured when people have 100% choice whether to buy (agree, follow, spend money) or not.

A great leader is a great salesperson. Leading is what happens when people choose to follow. A boss or manager or even a school teacher is in charge of people forced to follow.

Take the title away and see who's still behind them -- that's the measure of leadership. Which is nothing more than a sale.

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