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Work On Your Game Content/leadership/Leading By Fear Isn't Effective: Inspire Your People
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Leading By Fear Isn't Effective: Inspire Your People

I'm writing this from the sidelines of a gym in Coconut Grove, watching a high school rec league game. One of the coaches of the teams here doesn't talk. Oh, he speaks -- it's just a loud yell every time he communicates with his players. On top of that, the things he tells about make no sense; I have no desire for coaching but know I could do better than this guy. His much-more-talented team is winning, by the way.

Yelling at and admonishing people to get them to bend to your will does not work anymore; this style of leadership went out with the 90s. People don't want to walk on eggshells, they want to be communicated with. Talked to. If someone messes up, there's a way to let them know it without being an ass about it -- the coach in question is probably a good guy at heart, and just thinks this is the way he has to flex his muscle.

People follow and do things for people they like, not people they fear or people they have to be wary of. This is something I've learned and worked on in myself over time and still work at. Seeing this coach exemplifying it makes it really obvious, despite the fact that they'll win this game easily.

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