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Last Day Before Vacation Effort

Zig Ziglar used this example a lot. Have a person could deconstruct what she did on the last work day before vacation. Then apply those same principles to work every day. And you can land over the top.

So, what do we do on the last day before vacation?

You're motivated to get as much done as possible. You know you won't be around for a week or so. As a result, you're motivated to get as much done as you can. Maybe this is so you aren't swamped with work upon return. Or to not leave you unfinished work on someone else's hands. Or you're on deadline.

Plan the day ahead of time. Since you're getting all of these things done, you make sure to plan out exactly how you'll get everything done.
Be organized. Organized people make plans. Your plan need not be perfect, but it must be a plan, so make one. Change it when necessary.
Work efficiently. There's only so much time to get everything done. And only so much energy to get everything done with.
Cover your bases. Make sure you know that everyone else knows you've finished what needed to be finished. This way, when you come back, there are no surprises.

By applying all of these principles, how much more - and better - work could you get done?

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