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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Knowing Ain't Enough: The Discipline of Application
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Knowing Ain't Enough: The Discipline of Application

One of my college basketball coaches told me on my recruiting visit that should I come to his school, he would often be telling me things that I already knew. I don't remember his explanation for why, but he had the right idea.

Because there is a lot of information out there, being read, listened to and shared -- and going completely unapplied.

Many times I share some philosophical principle in my YouTube videos and someone leaves a comment that starts with, "so basically..."

I'm not sharing some brand-new groundbreaking idea (though I am pretty good at making analogies that help people better understand the principles, if I do say so myself). You already know the point.

So when are you gonna start applying it?

There is no new motivational information in the world; we all just repackage it and deliver it in different ways. Some people get through to you better than others, yes. But it's all the same damn information. You know what you need to do, why and (most of the time) how. You don't need any more information.

When will you start applying what you know?

That's all discipline is: doing what you already know to do, when and where and how you already know to do it. That's 100% of discipline.

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