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Keeping Up Appearances

From 2009-2013, I had membership to a gym that cost $115 a month. That’s a lot for a gym membership, even after you’re used to paying it. I cancelled that gym when I moved, but had no complaints about what I had been getting for the price I paid. From the staff to the locker rooms and showers to the trainers to the attached spa to the equipment to my fellow gym members, the gym was worth its price.

I pay about a third of that amount for gym I go to now, which was the best price I could get in the area. Since I’ve been going there, though, a new Equinox has popped up close by.

Equinox has a reputation as a top-of-the-line gym. I’ve never been an Equinox member, but have used the gym a few times; it reminds me of my old $115/month gym. I’d assume it’s even better, being that their special pre-launch membership price (which is lower than the normal price) was $150/month.

My “Pros” list for possibly joining Equinox had to be compelling if I were to make that move. Here’s what I came up with.

A cleaner, better-kept facility than what I have now

I’d spend more time there, being that it’s nicer, cleaner and has more amenities

Meeting more interesting people — the type who’d pay $150+ a month for a gym

The ego boost of knowing I was going to the most expensive gym in the neighborhood

My “Cons” list beat it out, though:

I don’t spend 2-3 hours/day at the gym anymore, like in 2009-13, and thus wouldn’t get maximum use out of the investment

All the “extras” I’d be paying for, I wouldn’t use often enough

My current program allows me to get a solid workout at any gym

While a gym is a great place to meet people, the best “meeting” I’ve done at gyms has been of women — and I’m taken

Though there’s no drawback to being a member of the “best” gym around, being in the best shape is better. And being a member would do nothing for my ego.

For Your Game

I know some people who go to the Equinox in question. They’re not in impressive shape. Even if they were, I have never gone to gyms to socialize (especially when I’m not single). Even as an active athlete, I preferred workout out alone, and I’m not looking for girls anymore. These days at the gym, I get in and get out.

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