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Work On Your Game Content/Daily Game/Justice Gets Thrown A Bone [Daily Game]
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Justice Gets Thrown A Bone [Daily Game]

There’s a tricky/dangerous 4-way intersection near my home.

Cars come from three directions (one cross street is a one-way) and the drivers often seem to be confused about right-of-way rules. Some cars stop where there isn’t a stop sign. I’ve watched cars cruise through a stop sign without even pretending to slow down. While a pedestrian crossing supersedes all automobiles at any stop-signed intersection, I watch drivers completely ignore the people crossing the street, rudely (and dangerously) cutting them off with their 2,000 pound pieces of machinery.

[Insert commentary about the terrible/inattentive drivers where you live.]

I’ve idly fantasized about there being a fleet of cop cars stationed at the intersection, picking off and ticketing every rogue driver on the spot to “clean up” this reckless corner. Maybe some kind of surveillance system (slippery slope, I know) that catches bad drivers on camera and sends a citation in the mail.

Both dreams are yet to come true.

Yesterday I watched some jerk in a Black SUV ignore a stop sign and a pedestrian woman (who was pushing a stroller, no less) to make a left hand turn. Realizing their error halfway through the turn, the driver halted to let the woman cross — at the same time, a police car played a brief siren, signaling the pulling-over of said SUV.
‘Bout time some justice was served out this bitch.

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